Water Is Life.

Spanning three generations, our family’s journey is a testament to our unyielding dedication to water wells, reflecting our unwavering commitment to this essential resource in an ever-evolving world.

Your Source For Water Solutions

With Our Expertise in Wells, Windmills, Well Houses, Storage Tanks, Filtration, and Ditching, your water solutions are just a phone call away.

Water Storage and Well Houses

Our expertise extends beyond wells themselves, encompassing well houses and water storage solutions. With a focus on innovation and functionality, we craft well houses that safeguard equipment while seamlessly integrating storage tanks, ensuring a continuous and reliable water supply for your needs.

Windmill Maintenance and Repair

Our expert windmill maintenance and repair services not only honor the legacy of Mack Dugan’s beginnings but also ensure the longevity and efficiency of these iconic structures, blending modern techniques with timeless craftsmanship.

New Wells and Equipment

From drilling new wells to breathing life into aging ones, our comprehensive services encompass the full spectrum of well care. Whether it’s harnessing untapped water sources or revitalizing existing ones, we are dedicated to ensuring a steady flow of this precious resource for generations to come.

Why Us

We can handle it all.

Our services cover the entire well lifecycle, from drilling new wells and maintaining existing ones to windmill restoration, well house construction, storage solutions, advanced filtration, and precision ditching. With a legacy spanning generations, we blend tradition with innovation to provide comprehensive water solutions tailored to your needs.


Generations of

With three generations of hands-on experience, we bring a profound understanding of water systems to every project. From the pioneering days of Mack Dugan to the present leadership of Seth and Caleb Hendrick, our legacy of excellence ensures top-tier solutions for all your water needs.

Call us for your water needs.

We will bring our years of expertise and help resolve your water problems.

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